Is this a natural product?

Yes. Popped water lily seeds are seeds found in nature. All we do is roast and add yummy seasonings!

Where is your product made?

Our product is roasted and packaged in India. We wanted to do this to stay close to the authenticity of the product. 

Is your product vegan?

Yes, our product is a plant based superfood snack. Our White Cheddar and Sweet Chili flavors, however, do contain dairy. 

What makes these different to popcorn?

Popcorn is made from corn, which is high in starch. It can spike blood sugar and halt weight loss when consumed in excess. Makhana, popped water lily seeds, on the other hand do not. They are considered to be anti-inflammatory and are rich in nutrients. They also contain twice the amount of protein, 65% less fat, and 20% less calories. 

Are they fried?

Never fried! Our seeds are roasted and lightly seasoned. 

Are you planning to add more flavors?

Yes! We welcome suggestions as well, you can connect with us on Instagram and send us a direct message or comment to make your flavor suggestion.