About Water Lily seeds


What are popped water lily seeds?

Water lily seeds, also known as makhana, are a super food snack. They contain 65% less fat, 2X the amount of protein, and various nutrients. 

Where do water lily seeds (makhana) come from?

Water lily seeds, or makhana, are a superfood snack that have been eaten in India for thousands of years and are commonly known as the "healthier popcorn". Traditionally, they are prepared as a snack, roasted with ghee, salt, and Indian spices. 

What do they taste like?

Popped water lily seeds are a light and airy puffed snack, similar to popcorn (without the yucky kernels) containing more nutritional value than popcorn with a deeply satisfying crunch.

Why are they so healthy?

They are a plant based super-food, low in calories and rich in nutrients.  

Water lily seeds are also found in Aruyveda- an eastern system of medicine which is based on the idea of balance in bodily systems. They are believed to have incredible benefits on the body due to their nutrient rich, low calorie, and anti-inflammatory properties. 

Water lily seeds are gluten free, corn free, grain free, vegan, low-fat, antioxidant.

Say hello to guilt free snacking- Go on, pop on!