About Us

Here at Skinny Lily our mission is to provide healthy snack options with simple ingredients you can read. 

Founded by health and fitness enthusiast Maurah Ruiz and entrepreneur Shamsu Lalani on the premise that snacking should not only be healthy but flavorful. Shamsu grew up in Mumbai, India where makhana (popper water lily seeds) have long been eaten as a snack.

One day, Shamsu left out a bag of Makhana on the counter. Curious to try an eastern snack, Maurah reached for the bag. Instantly she knew other Americans would love the snack based on taste alone. When she realized Makhana is an ancient superfood snack with a multitude of benefits she knew America needed this product.

Shamsu and Maurah came together with a vision to bring this Indian ancient superfood snack to the American market and formed Skinny Lily.