What is healthy snack makhana popped water lily seeds?

I've been hearing all about Makhana. What is it?

Makhana, or popped water lily seeds, are a healthy snack alternative to popcorn that are taking America by storm. It has been a loved superfood snack in India for centuries however it is just now making its debut into the United States.

It was named a top trending food by Whole Foods in 2019 and has continued to gain popularity. 

Skinny Lily brought the much loved snack to the United States with flavors like pink himalayan salt, white cheddar, sweet chili, and turmeric. 

Why is this such a great healthy snack? 

First, popped water lily seeds have been considred a superfood snack because they are rich in nutrients and low in calories. They are even prescribed in aryuvedic medicne for several purposes such as fighting free radicals or preventing fatigue. 

Makhana also has 65% less fat and two times the protein vs popcorn. It is gluten free, vegan, non-gmo, corn free, grain free, and roasted. With ingredients you can read, makhana brings healthy snacking back to tasting good again.

What does it taste like?

Popped water lily seeds have a crunchy texture. Some describe them like a mixutre between the consistency of a cheesy puff or popcorn. They have a nuetral taste which makes them fantastic to be carefully roasted and seasoned like we have. 

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