Skinny Lilly Pops: Plant-Based Crunchy Snack

Welcome to the world of sumptuous blend of flavors and nutrition that keeps your all-time cravings at bay. your lips smacking, Introducing you to the crunchy snacks that offer health and superior taste with every crunch. The crispiness and the crunchiness of the popcorn are here with the Skinny Lilly Pops that brim with the utmost taste and are excessively nutritious. The water lily popped and roasted into crunchy balls of savory bliss.

What's so special about the Skinny Lilly Pops?

The ingredients that compose the Skinny Lilly Pops are natural and raw and highlight our love of nature and its beauty. These munchies are a fusion of traditional recipes combined with exotic modern flavoring. Using the conventional Indian makhana's versatility and mixing it with modern-day flavors to suit Western culture requirements. 

Fusing traditional Indian flavors' ethnicity with modern techniques gives rise to these delicious Skinny Lilly Pops. This blend's speciality is the uniqueness of offering minimally-processed plant-based snacks that nourish the body and the mind. Let's now get detailed about the benefits these pops bring about for fun munching time.

1)It is the perfect blend of flavor and nutrition that is prepared with environmental consciousness

Made out of harvested water lily seeds, the method of preparation of these crunchy pops is a very responsible and conscious effort towards the sustainability of environmental-friendliness. Using simple ingredients for tasty seasoning, these crunchy pops get you premium quality and world-class taste. 

2)Taste good health in every crunch

Roasted and seasoned with very raw and pure ingredients, these crunchy pops come in mesmerizing flavors. You can taste health in every taste every time you have a bite here. Some of the health benefits include:

1) Non-GMO

2)15%less calories than popcorn 


4)4-7 gm of plant protein per bag 

5)Roasted and not fried 

6)Born and made with natural ingredients 

7)Made out of soya nuts

3)Born and made with natural ingredients 

With popped water lily seeds, the delicacy level increases with every bite. You could feel the difference in every bite you take, as the irresistible taste are just mind-boggling. There have been significant modern-day twists brought about in the traditional makhana munchies, which are now made of popped water lily seeds that are a plant-based protein snack. 

4)Available in different flavors 

Crunchy pops are available in the market in some tantalizing flavors. Crunchy pops serve you a combination of various immersive and utterly inventive flavors that serve as a treat to the taste buds and always remain in trend because of the exotic matches they do the audiences with.

  • Sweet Chili
  • Super Turmeric 
  • Pink Himalayan Salt
  • Lemon Cilantro
  • Smoked Chilli And Lime 
  • Sour Cream And Onion
  • White Cheddar

Get on with the delicious crunch in every single munch.

The exquisitely prepared crunchy pops serve you with temptations all along. Their savory flavors serve one with the taste for a lifetime. With a mixture of extraordinary flavors wrapped up together, this pocket-sized dynamo suffices the cravings well. So just relax, sit back and take your time out of those hectic schedules to punch yourself with every munch.