Makhana- Healthy Snack Alternative to Popcorn

When you think of popcorn, you automatically recognize it as a healthier option when compared to chips. 

But what if you could take this one step further and really take snacking to the next level?

Enter makhana, or popped water lily seeds. They are the superfood snack you have been waiting for and a healthy alternative to popcorn. 

This healthy snack has long been consumed in India and is known as a healthier popcorn. Before it was packaged in delicious flavors into single serve bags it was common to purchase the product raw from local farmers in Bihar and roast it at home with ghee and spices. 

Makhana is known as a superfood because of the fact that it is high in nutrients and low in calories. It was often prescribed in Ayurvedic medicine as a natural anti-inflammatory among other amazing health benefits. 

But, where do they come from specifically?

They are harvested from a water lily plant. The seeds are roasted (never fried) to perfection by Skinny Lily. They come in four different flavors- Pink Himalayan Salt, White Cheddar, Sweet Chili, and Truffle. The flavors are delicious and perfect for someone who loves to snack. Since they come in a single serve bag you can eat the whole bag and not feel guilty about your snacking choice. 

And, what do they taste like?

People often wonder what they taste like. They taste like a cross between popcorn and a cheesy puff which makes them perfect when you need something crunchy but don’t want to ruin your healthy lifestyle with chips or buttered popcorn. 

How are they healthier?

When compared to popcorn, they have 65% less fat and two times the amount of protein. Not to mention they are under 120 calories per bag. 

There simply is no reason why you shouldn’t try Makhana, popped water lily seeds. Trust us, your taste buds will thank you for it.