Explore Better Snacking Options with Skinnylily's Water Lily Pops

The popped water lily seeds are heavily nutritious in addition to being great in taste. Their taste and nutritional content set them apart from the rest of the average snacking options. A traditional snack of India being used for centuries(known as Makhana), they have served a delicious treat in the subcontinent for thousands of years. These popped water lily seeds originate from a water lily plant collected or harvested, dried, and popped similar to popcorn. 

Feel the punch of the extra crunchy, flavor-rich, and satisfying water lily pops here at Skinny Lily.

water lilly pops

Water lily seeds are the pea-sized kernels collected when water lilies shed their seeds once a year. When popped like popcorn, they just happen to be a satisfying, nutrient-rich, crunchy snack. Skinnylily's water lily pops offer a fusion of bold taste, good health. An irresistible crunch, the healthiest form of popcorn ever known on the planet.

Made with a combination of simple ingredients and the very natural and organic seasoning, the water lily pops available here are roasted to perfection (never fried), packaged at the source, and delivered to you fresh.   

The nutritional benefits associated with water lily pop make them a better snacking option.

  1. They are composed of free-radical fighting antioxidants, minerals acquired from the beautiful aquatic Eurale Fox plant, and kaempferol, a flavonoid with both anti-aging and anti-inflammatory properties.
  2. The risk of diabetes and other heart related problems reduce once you know that these water lily pops are free of the different kinds of sugars, sugar substitutes, and unhealthy fats, thus making themselves an excellent snack for kids or dieters 
  3. Healthier munching option because they contain 65% less fat, two times the amount of protein than the other average snacking options, and are packed in low calories. 
  4. Giving you the perfect crunch with these superfood snacking light and airy puffed snacks, similar to popcorn containing more nutritional value than popcorn with a profoundly satisfying crunch. 
  5. Water lily seeds are gluten-free, corn-free, grain-free, vegan, low-fat, and the other nutritional highs that make them an incredible balance in bodily systems. 
  6. These have a calming effect on the nerve cells and improve the state of mental well-being for a person. These munchies also soothe the anxiety and stress levels, reducing overthinking.
  7. With low calories, these delicious water lily pops are not only beneficial for heart health but are also responsible for proper blood pressure level control. The water lily pops help in ease of digestion and keeps kidneys healthy.

Cherish a profoundly satisfying crunch with this light and airy puffed snack

water lilly pops

Here at Skinny Lily, we serve you the best quality and the very great popped water lily seeds to savor some extra crunch with every munch. This plant-based superfood snack's wonderful delicacy comes with that deeply satisfying crunch that holds some incredible benefits on the body due to its nutrient-rich, low-calorie, and anti-inflammatory properties. 

Shopping at Skinny Lily offers you an experience for a lifetime where you get to cherish the vibrant texture and an exquisite blend of different flavors of the age-old and very traditional Indian treat of Makhanas combined with exotic modern flavoring. So what are you waiting for? Shop now to explore better-snacking options here with Skinnylily's water lily pops.