Are popped water lily seeds (makhana) a healthy snack?


Popped water lily seeds (or makhana) are a very popular healthy snack in India. They have been consumed for centuries and are known as a healthy alternative to popcorn. Skinny Lily has brought this much loved snack to the United States. 

What makes them so healthy? 

To be put simply- they are rich in nutrients and low in calories. They have 65% less fat, twice the amount of protein, and have a variety of distinctions. They are gluten free, vegan*, dairy free*, non-gmo, grain free, corn free, and are a snack derived from nature. You no longer have to feel guilty about snacking. 

What specific nutrients are they high in?

They are high in potassium and fiber. They are also considered an anti inflammatory and have often been prescribed in ayurvedic medicine for that specific purpose. 

What do they taste like?

They are often described as a cross between a cheesy puff and popcorn. The consistency is light and airy, with no kernel. This makes them the perfect alternative to popcorn for people who have braces or hate getting kernels stuck in their teeth! 

Where can I get some?

Right here on this website!