Popped water lily seeds

Simple ingredients- Just seeds & seasonings!

Bold taste & an irresistable crunch.

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Simple ingredients- just seeds & seasonings.

Katie Webb holding popped water lily seeds, makhana by skinny lily.

Don’t take our word for it.

I can't put these things down! The white cheddar is hands down my favorite. This is my go-to healthy snack when I want that perfect crunch.

Jared G.

Amazing!!! No kernels like popcorn but still crunchy to feed my "snack monster"! This is so much better and healthier than popcorn or chips!

Vanessa C.

Tastes like home. Reminds me of the makhana my mom used to serve us but the flavors are so much better. My favorite is the Lemon Cilantro, it's a must try.

Ramana S.

Go on, pop on!

Often described as cheesy puff meets popcorn- they are the perfect light and airy snack.